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EAEL law firm was founded by seasoned lawyers from large-firm practices seeking a optimal way to serve their corporate clients.
Our success is founded on a client-orientated focus, characterized above all by quality, a good understanding of the client’s needs, unique reliability and accessibility. We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients, believing that we can best solve our clients’ business needs and disputes if we come to know our clients, their policies, their businesses and their competitive challenges.
Our firm meets the clients' demand for expertise and skills in advanced commercial law. A broad experience of different business areas is the basis for our safe counseling and service. For us every client is an important client. We don’t involve our clients unnecessarily in the legal complicated computations– we present our clients with conclusions.

If the matter involves a complex business arrangement or a legal point, our clients will receive the help they require and the best solutions therefore. We speak frankly about the various courses of actions, the risks of each alternative and the most likely outcome.
Clients often tell us that they “hire lawyers, not law firms.” Our boutique setting enables us to ensure that our entire firm shares our values. Because we are a concentrated group of lawyers and professionals who practice together closely, we can ensure our commitment to focus and to long-term relationships. Nevertheless, our boutique setting gives us greater flexibility in the fee arrangements we can offer. Moreover, our national and international desks are ready to serve the client’s needs of versatility in the business matters.


Alexandra Epure | LL.M

Alexandra is a specialist in mainstream corporate work and practices in all areas of civil and commercial law. Alexandra provides advice to companies of all sizes, not profit organizations and other commercial enterprises on a broad range of corporate matters including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures...

Razvan Enciu | LL.M

Razvan is a highly regarded lawyer with a very good record in commercial disputes and recognised expertise in contentious financial services. Razvan has a track record of successfully advising on high value matters including breach of contract claims...

Lucian Arnautu | LL.M

Lucian is recognised as a business compliance legal consultant, with high expertise in trade/labour law, regulatory investigations and commercial / administrative litigations. He has many years of experience in conducting Due-Diligence reports....

Maria Lohmann | LL.M

Maria is viewed as "a standout lawyer" in the world of environmental law. She practices in all areas of environmental law and provides advice to companies from various industrial sectors, such as: wood manufactory, agriculture, chemical sector, wind farms &energy and automobile components....


Roxana Trinca

Is a member of the Bar Association since 2008. Roxana holds law degree from the University Al. I. Cuza of Iasi Law School

Siana Stefancu

Is a member of the Bar Association since 2013. Siana holds law degree from the University Al. I. Cuza of Iasi Law School


German Associated Attorneys-at-Law

Bianca Krakkai | LL.M

+49-331-620 80 14

+49-331-620 80 11 (fax)

Behlertstr. 35, 14467 Potsdam,Deutschland

Bianca Krakkai works in the areas of civil and commercial international law (in particular German and Romanian law) and counsels commercial companies.
In recent years she has counseled German, Austrian and Swiss investors especially in the field of renewable energy, corporate law and law of agriculture.

Bianca Krakkai studied law for four years at the Bayreuth University (Faculty of Law with Additional Training in Business). She has passed the first state examination (1. Staatsexamen) at the University of Potsdam/Faculty of Law, holding the first law degree, and the second state examination (2. Staatsexamen) at the Gemeinsames Juristisches Prüfungsamt der Länder Berlin und Brandenburg, thus also holding the second law degree. She also holds an internationally recognized master’s degree “Master in South East European Law and European Integration (LL.M.)” from the University of Graz, Austria.

German, Romanian, English, French

Bianca Krakkai is a member of the Brandenburg Bar Association from 2007.
Her activity is focused on:
•           Renewable energy law Germany/ Romania
•           Corporate law Germany/ Romania
•           Public law/ approval process
•           Collateral security and financing law for projects in Germany/Romania
•           International tax law
•           Compliance
•           Transport law
•           Procedural law Germany
•           Law of agriculture Germany/ Romania
•           Subsidy law Germany/ Romania
From September 2009 until September 2014 Bianca Krakkai also worked as an in-house lawyer for a German company in Berlin (renewable energy) and for a German company listed on the Entry-DAX. The company has its headquarters in Hamburg and specializes in renewable energy, food and agriculture.
Contact: M + 49-177-4218332;

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