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Real Estate Projects

Generally, real estate transactions are completed without any significant complications. However, there are situations in which the real estate deal can become legally complex and require the services of a Real Estate attorney. Our real estate lawyers are well experienced, knowledgeable, qualified and frequently represent individuals and businesses who have a legal issue involving various real estate transactions. We advise clients on all legal aspects of their real estate business:
  • Acquisitions & Development of Real Estate Projects – residential, commercial (logistic) and office
  • Agricultural & industrial projects
  • Land acquisitions, developing and financing
  • Due-Diligence Reports
  • Administrative issues - representation for obtainment of all necessary administrative authorizations, permits and licenses
  • Property finance, including real estate leasing and mortgages
  • Collateral security interests and recovery
  • Property damage and expense claims
  • Rent negotiation and reviews
  • Environmental obligation

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