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Environmental Law

Our team is known for deep expertise in regulatory environment law, combined with a strong transactional practice. Environmental law violations or litigation can be extremely costly, and could potentially shut a business down or cause serious financial strain to individuals. It is therefore extremely important for anyone who is affected by environmental law to ensure that they do everything possible to limit liabilities and ensure compliance with applicable law. Our team provides clients from various industrial sectors (manufacturing, automotive, energy, oil& gas) with legal assistance in all environmental issues including:
  • Environmental due-diligence audits,
  • permitting procedures prior to construction (SEA, EIA) and prior to operation (IED, VOC, SEVESO)
  • measurements and counselling on issues related to air quality and climate changes
  • water, waste water and waste management
  • soil decontamination, environmental obligations and liabilities
  • legal payment requirements obligations to the Romanian Environmental Fund Administration
  • legal registers (databases) containing the environmental provisions and requirements specific to a certain economic activity

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